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Covid and Cannibalism: Just two of the reasons ‘Call Me By Your Name 2’ probably won’t happen

Words: Ben Midler If you’ve been patiently anticipating further news of a Call Me By Your Name sequel, you’re not going to like where director…

Man Candy

We can’t unSEA these hotties frolicking in the ocean (NSFW)

As you may know, the world is fucked. Legit, fucked. Many of the huge ramifications from global warming impact our oceans and the creatures that…


Health & Fitness

Duncan James posts about relatable post-covid body struggle

Words: Anthony Gilét While many gays queued outside their local PureGym awaiting its reopening, many of us haven’t been as quick on the bench. Former-Blue…


Men with bigger noses have bigger knobs, study claims

Words: Anthony Gilét Was Pinocchio sitting on a secret? Or just a big donkey dick? Japanese researchers claims that having a big beak means a…

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