Eric Dane probably didn’t realise just how much his role as Nate Jacobs dad in Euphoria was going to titilate the queer community.

The former-Grey’s Anatomy actor has had his “own” anatomy on display in the hit teen drama; once in the pilot episode showing his erection, and another scene which saw him waving his dick around for nearly seven minutes. (Both scenes – shown below – used prosthetics).

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Now, Dane is speaking to Andy Cohen about how the role has impacted his DMs.

“Listen, Andy, that is a dark alley that I don’t go down alone,” Dane explained. “I get lots of dick pics.” Stunned, Cohen asked if Dane also receives “stuff” from women as well. “No, I get dick pics,” the actor retorted. “I think that guys now assume that I’m going the other way [because of ‘Euphoria’], which is fine. I’ve seen a lot of ugly penises. I’ve seen a lot of pretty ones.”

Although he did specify at the end that he doesn’t open them anymore.

Watch the clip here:

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