As today is National Book Lovers day, we thought we’d explore the fad of naked reading. Because reading is what? Fundamental, yes, but also sexy.

The UK even had an event Naked Boys Reading, which (exactly as it sounds) featured men on stage fully nude reading from classic books, or their own original works.

And while it might seem like that was just a cheeky ploy to get men in the buff, as The Guardian writes, “it becomes clear very quickly that Naked Boys Reading is an intellectually considered affair”.

“The nudity provides two things: a new lens and modality for the texts, and the care-giving experience of being read to,” Dr Sharon Husbands, a self-proclaimed drag-know-it-all with a PhD in gender and sexuality.

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What is about the act of reading though? “There is something sexy about it and something nerdy,” Husband explains.

And it’s true. How many times have you spotted a cute guy on the underground reading a book, and given him extra credit for looking at that instead of his smartphone. Brains only add to the sex appeal in a world where we’re swamped with celebrities that barely use theirs.

Ash Young, a participant of the event adds, “There is a shock value, speaking as a male nude and promoting the objectification of the male body, and it allows a different interpretation of the text.”

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