When I was a kid it was very evident I played for the same team, I wasn’t transgender but I wanted to be a princess and to some degree my parents would allow me to dress as a princess, paint my nails. I was extremely feminine and gay.

My grandpa, on the other hand, tried to ”straighten me out”… by watching and playing football, baseball, and other masculine activities (that made me gayer because watching the NFL is how I knew that I definitely LOVE men)…

When I started getting older, I worked at a car wash and started buying my own clothes. Heels, dresses, makeup and I couldn’t stop, I was euphoric about the fact that no one can stop me from buying my stuff as long as I worked for it. My parents didn’t like it but they accepted it.

My grandpa, on the other hand, wanted nothing from me, doesn’t look at me, and behind my back calls me names and a ”fruit loop”. The point is that he is dying, and my parents want me to see him but I don’t want to, that man never said anything to me that was encouraging and no I don’t care, if he “fought for my freedom”, I’m tired of giving praise to old men who fought for my freedom then get mad when I express it.

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Dear Fruit Loop,

I think it’s important for us to understand that often our grandparents grew up in a different time to us, and often act on the hatred that was engrained into their own heads from their society and their upbringing.

However, that allowance only comes into play when they can recognise that their behaviour was wrong and intend to make amends. Something, it sounds like he didn’t do.

So you should definitely not feel pressured by your mediocre parents that never stood up for you. But similarly, this could be a great opportunity for you! To educate him? Hell no. But to dig your heel in, so to speak.

I’d turn up to his deathbed in drag and give him the push into the afterlife that he needs. Say his last rights and then blow some glitter in his face. Slap on some dark red lippy and give him that Judas kiss before tripping on the life-support plug.

The point is that you’re gay and fabulous, and he’s about to eat dirt – literally. You won regardless.

Celebrate! Xoxo

(Original problem sourced from Reddit).