Fans of Netflix show Sex/Life were left flustered recently when Adam Demos revealed the meat he was packing in a full-frontal shower scene.

And it reminded us of the scenes that Niklas Peters shot for The Passenger (2013).

If you’re interested in the film itself, the synopsis from IMDb reads:

While searching for a condo in Berlin for his father, Nick meets Philipp, a young talented photographer and a gorgeous actress named Lilli. There is instant chemistry and both are easily seduced by Nick’s charms. Lilli and Philipp begin to explore their relationship with the sexy visitor, succumbing to their passionate affections for him which intensifies their volatile emotional and physical bonds. But what Philipp and Lilli don’t realize is that they are being lured into Nick’s manipulative… and deadly, love game.

Ugh, come on Philipp and Lilli… charming bisexuals in Berlin who mess up your bed and then your head are the oldless scammers in the book.

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Btw, what is a ‘deadly love game’? If it’s the one with the handcuffs and choking we’ve played that one before, it’s fun!

We’re gonna file this under ‘erotic thriller’. Which may seem like a joke genre, but there’s been some greats: Cruel Intentions, Wild Things, Showgirls, and Indecent Proposal. We’re not sure this is up there, but it has been met with some extremely tepid reviews.

Though your undercarriage will be way warmer than tepid if Niklas’ dick is anything to go by… watch full scene on Mr. Man.

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