It’s a well-known fact that actor and presenter John Barrowman used to spend a lot of his time on-set out-of-costume. When the news about Barrowman hanging out with his wang out hit, it was reported on by a number of media outlets.

It began as Noel Clark was being investigated for sexual misconduct (a claim that he denies, but is supported by 20 women he worked with), and during the Guardian’s digging, they uncovered a video of Clarke discussing Barrowman’s on-set exhibitionism.

“[He would] take his d**k out every five seconds” claimed Clark, before asking Doctor Who co-star Camille Coduri whether she remembered the time Barrowman “put it on your shoulder in the makeup truck”, to which she responded: “Yes, I do.”

Now, Barrowman is insisting that there wasn’t anything sexual behind his motives, and that he was just trying to maintain a “jokey atmosphere”. If showing your knob is what makes people laugh then we’re not so sure that’s a good thing…

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In a new interview with the Daily Mail, Barrowman addressed the claims ‘for the first, and last time’.

“When I was doing a nude scene or a love scene it was clear in the script I’d be naked and everyone would have known about that at least 48 hours in advance.

“So I’d be waiting in my trailer wearing just a robe with a sock over my ‘parts’. Then, if I were standing waiting to film a scene where I needed to be nude and someone came into view, I’d make a joke to put them and myself at ease.

“My actions were simply designed to defuse any potential awkwardness among the cast and crew.”

“I’ve never been someone who’s embarrassed about his body so it didn’t bother me if anyone saw me naked.”

(Clearly, David Boreanaz felt the same).

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“The motivation for what I’d call my ‘tomfoolery’ was to maintain a jokey atmosphere. There was absolutely nothing sexual about my actions and nor have I ever been accused of that.”

He went on to compare how if his behaviour was to have happened in a sports locker room that it would’ve been accepted. He also noted that it wouldn’t be accepted at an office job, and why theatre creates a unique environment.

‘In the theatre, quick costume changes happen in the wings all the time, with everyone stripping off to get into their new outfits in time for the next scene,’ he says. ‘Girls might be braless, boys only in jockstraps. That’s just how it is and no one gives it a second thought. But I accept that my behaviour at the time could have caused offense.’

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Apparently, it did on some level. Exec producer Julie Gardner confronted Barrowman, reportedly telling him to “grow up”. Which he claims spurred an “overnight” change.

“I’d still be full of jokes and fun, but no more naked pranks,” he said. “I can see now my actions were pretty juvenile but this was a different time and it’s something I would not do today.”

Barrowman also hit out cancel culture claiming there’s “no grey area” to make space for forgiveness.