Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy is putting the bulge into sales marketing. Along with singer/rapper Ken XY to sell a cannabis-infused, social tonic drink, Cann.

We’re not sure what Kenworthy or Ken are arm wrestling for, or even why they’re the new face bulge of the product (a stoner like Miley just seems more appropriate), but tbh, everyone knows that good marketing doesn’t consist of conceptualisation, it’s just cock and balls. Literally.

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But maybe it’s more to do with their current campaign, the “Hi boy experience”. The full initiative will be revealed this month, but we’re hoping the ‘experience’ is intrinsically linked to their nearly-nude bodies.

Cann (a play on ‘cannabis’ and, well, a can of drink) comes in a variety of flavours, retailing from roughly $3.50 each.

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