Disney gays squeal in excitement! Luke Evans will be reprising his role as muscle-queen Gaston for a Disney+ prequel to Beauty and the Beast.

The series will also feature his sidekick LeFou, played by Josh Gad, as per the live action film in 2017. In the film, LeFou was said to be one of the “first ever” gay characters, although this is only partially demonstrated when he’s seen briefly dancing with a man.

Also, he’s like obsessed with Gaston. (Though when he’s played by Evans, understandably).

Though Gaston isn’t gay, he definitely has the same personality as some of the butch bitches we know.

According to Deadline, the series is set in “the iconic kingdom of Beauty and the Beast years before the Beast and Belle’s epic romance” and will follow Gaston and LeFou “as they set off with LeFou’s stepsister, Tilly (played by Briana Middleton), after a surprising revelation from her past comes to light, sending the unlikely trio off on an unexpected journey filled with romance, comedy, and adventure.”

Will you be tuning in?