Words: Ben Midler

23-year-old JJ Jacobs is a vers twunk from North Carolina (yes, the accent is perfect if you’re into verbal). He’s been producing daily content on OnlyFans for a little over a year now and has collated an army of loyal fans from across the gay internet.

But if you thought amateur porn stars were all dick and no brains, you’d be wrong (in this case, at least).

When we asked him why he decided to embark on an OnlyFans career, he casually dropped the fact that he has a degree in International Business on us. He said: “I just finished receiving my 4 year degree in International Business but I wasn’t ready to find a boring job yet and I always liked to show off.” Now that’s vers.

Clearly his brain is as big as his dick… although we haven’t actually measured his brain.

Oh, he also dropped that he speaks fluent German and is a trained sword fighter. 

This kind of sword fighting, to clarify.

Despite regularly flaunting his hard cock, JJ is actually a softie. Not only did he tell us that despite what you might think from his online persona, he “still gets nervous in front of a camera”. And when asked about the kind of compliments he enjoys receiving from fans, he’s looking for something a little more wholesome than: “Nice dick”.

He said: “I always really appreciate when a fan compliments something other than the obvious things we always hear. I love hearing people say that my eyes are nice, that people love my smile, and that they like my personality. I love the compliments about my body too, but we hear those often.”

N’aww… But don’t be fooled, this angel has horns. In fact, JJ is well known for selling his used underwear and socks to horny fans. He told us: “People love being able to get a piece of me and it’s always super hot to see their photos in my underwear. My post office probably recognizes me at this point, but I doubt they are suspecting it’s worn underwear!”

After partaking in his first threesome (aaaand he’s wholesome again), JJ is heading off to LA for even more adult content creation. “Some of the hottest boys in the industry live out there, and I would love to film a scene with 3 other guys now (4 total).” 

See we told you he was smart. Just look at that gay maths. Get ready, LA. But prep beforehand – seriously.

WATCH: Jerk with JJ (Full video)

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