Words: Ben Pulsford

Okay, if you’re of a certain age, this is an interesting one to swallow. 

Of course – pun intended, as always.

Interesting in that most of us remember Jedward as those hyper teen twins who sang Under Pressure and Ghostbusters live on The X Factor back in 2009. They were Louis Walsh’s flying monkeys/2009’s fever dream TV act that went on to compete against Blue at Eurovision. 


Anyway, strong fast forward on from that tele trainwreck to today – and things are very different. Different in that the pair are now 29-year-old scruffy twunks that strip down to their boxers on the beach in the name of body positivity. 

Don’t worry, we feel old as shit, too.

But, we do respect this. A lot. In fact, in all honestly, we’ve had a lot of time for Jedward since day one, but after this body-positive post, and their recent support for the trans community, the pair has seriously shot up in our estimations. And ngl, given us a little bit of ‘Jedwood’, too.  

The pair recently took to the beach to share racy (well, not by our standards, but still) snaps of themselves prancing about in red and blue pants (which they fill obscenely well) and share their thoughts on body positivity, as well as their relationships with their own bodies.

Instagram: @jepicpics

The boys posted on Instagram: “Over the years we’ve had many body insecurities but we’ve got to a point in our life where we have the who cares attitude! Let’s all embrace our natural selves! The beauty and scenic energy around Ireland is JEPIC! Always be brave enough to be you! We applaud everyone on social media who has the confidence to put themselves out there it’s takes a lot of courage!”

Well said, Jed. Anyway, here’s what you came for…

Who knew we’d be talking about Jedward’s cake and chest hair in 2021?

Check out this Twitter vid for a little seaside crotch-grabbing / arse shaking from either John or Edward.