Words: Ben Pulsford

Mega Madonna fans Chris and Neil threw a Like A Virgin-themed wedding a few weeks back to celebrate their love and intense Madge fandom. 

Instagram: @chrisneilandmadonna

Although we’re still disgusted by the dumpster fire that was Sex and the City 2 over ten years later, the opening wedding scene still stands strong as the campest wedding we’ve ever witnessed/secretly wanted to attend. 

Until this story vogued its way into our inbox, that is.

Instagram: @chrisneilandmadonna

Meet “obsessed Madonna fans” Chris and Neil, who recently tied the knot amongst friends and family (and a drag queen minister, obvs) in a lavish ceremony that seemed to celebrate the Queen of Pop as much as – if not more than – their actual relationship.

Now seems like a good time to mention that the couple’s handle is @chrisneilandmadonna. I wonder if Madge knows she’s in a throuple?

Anyway, by the looks of the snaps on Instagram, their Aussie wedding was perhaps more Madonna than Madonna herself – these Material Girls went all out with huge blown-up images of the Queen of Pop EVERYWHERE, an all-white dress code, a drag performance of ‘Like A Virgin’ and guests adorned in endless ‘80s lace. 

Oh, and check out this recent snap of the newlywed’s bed.

Instagram: @chrisneilandmadonna

Not a rose petal or semen stain in sight – just endless Madonna merch and a disturbing armless Madonna mannequin that, quite frankly, would probably inhibit our performance on a wedding night – or any night.

Instagram: @chrisneilandmadonna

But jokes aside, in summary, find someone that looks at you the way Chris and Neil look at Madonna.

Congrats, boys – and Madonna. You too, hun.