Rafael Nadal’s arse came oh so close to breaking the gay internet AGAIN last weekend after Nike decided to pack it in to these oh so tight pink shorts. 

And although the move didn’t quite break the internet in a literal sense, many of us are certainly still recovering and in need of some sort of all-over post-match sports massage. 

Oh yeah, that’s a point – there was a tennis match involved in this story, too. 

The hunky tennis pro wore these pink shorts from his collaboration with Nike at a match against Federico Delbonis and maybe a few people noticed an actual tennis match was being played – for obvious reasons.

The tweet which kicked off the thirst said: “Nike needs a Nobel peace prize for these shorts, my man is on fiiiiire.” The tweet sparked a Twitter back and forth that as far as we can tell was far more interesting than the match itself.

If you reckon your cakes need icing with these pink frosted coloured shorts, the Dri-FIT shorts are part of the Rafa collection and priced at £59.95.

Some more his ass is here:

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