If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, or know me personally, you’ll know that I swear by Nip + Fab products for glowing skin. I do use them in combination with Dr. Sebagh and a couple other brands, but if you’re new to skincare and/or on a budget then Nip + Fab is the perfect place to start.

And now is the time do it. While their already affordable range is discounted up to 50%. The discount applies specifically to their glycolic range.

Glycolic acid is used in countless skincare lines because its safe for all skin types, and aids in giving user’s that fresh, dewey, youthful, and “definitely haven’t been boozing in my living room for the past 12 months”-look. It’s renowned not only for its collagen stimulation, but

It works “by dissolving the glue that holds together dead skin cells, lifting pigment from the skin, and increasing collagen production,” says dermatologist Saya Obayan.

Products from the line that I swear by, include Glycolic Fix Scrub Extreme, (which I use first and foremost before washing my face), Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow (which I apply after washing my face and before my serums), and the Glycolic Fix Concentrate which I use about once a week in alternation with my other Hyaluronic serum from Dr. Sebagh.

You can read more about my skincare here, or head straight on over to huge Nip + Feb SALE.