I mean we’re all here for it, but are those New Look/Pretty-Little-Thing-loving-straights (you know the type) really ready for it every night on ITV?

The painfully-straight reality series, where traditionally attractive – and often boring – wannabe influencers are unloaded on a sexy resort to flirt and fornicate for our viewing pleasure – allegedly – is set to return to ITV this June. 

Thanks to Covid, sex, sun and scandal has been culled from the cards for many of us over the last year, so a little bit of queer sexiness and sun on the telly wouldn’t go a miss right now.  

Well, if you’ve been swiping on Tinder lately then you’ll already know that it certainly looks that way. 

According to The Daily Star, Love Island and Tinder have officially teamed up to run a series of ads – which target both straight and gay users – across the dating platform, to at least in past, cast this summer’s season. 

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A source told The Daily Star

“ITV and Love Island teamed up with Tinder earlier this year to find a new batch of islanders. 

“They have been placing the ads strategically inside the app so you have to swipe left or right. 

“The ads have been showing up on both male and female gay accounts as well as on those of straight people.

“Our only stipulation for applicants on Love Island is that they are over 18, single and looking for love.”

The popular reality show has included bisexual contestants in the past, but never a gay or lesbian couple. Executive producer Richard Cowles has previously said that including LGBTQ+ islanders has always been on the radar, but working out the logistics has proven “difficult”. (Read: What happens when they accidentally cast two bottoms).

TBH, we really need a trashy gay couple to cause some top tier drama.

Have you swiped right for Love Island yet? 

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