A health care worker for the NHS has quit his job following the government’s feeble 1% pay rise. And who can blame him? We wonder if he’s going to be doing some doctor roleplay in his new career.

We say, live your best hoe life and get the dollar you deserve, honey. Especially if you’re single-handedly redefining the phrase ‘cutie pie’.

The “unappreciated” 23-year-old has been making a name for himself on socials after ditching his NHS job of six years for OnlyFans, as an act of protest against Boris Johnson. 

For real. In fact, the blonde twink took to TikTok to tell the PM – who, just to reiterate coughed up an extra fuck-all to reward our NHS nurses for all their incredible efforts – that he is “an online whore” now.

He went from giving the injections to getting them. Hero.


In an interview with PinkNews, James said of the government’s next year’s proposed 1% pay rise for nurses workers:

“With the pressure from the coronavirus pandemic causing all healthcare industries huge amounts of strain, I felt unappreciated and actually insulted. I am extremely grateful to OnlyFans as I feel this is potentially the start of a life-changing experience. After struggling with such low pay in healthcare, the future is now looking much brighter.”

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He adds: 

“I worked a total of six years in the healthcare industry and I found the workload to be increasingly demanding and exhausting for very little pay at the end of the month.”

And, financially at least, it certain seems like the right move, as according to PinkNews, James earned just over his once annual salary in just over three weeks.

And we get why. I mean…

As things stand, the newbie is charging $11.99 (USD) for a month’s subscription to his OnlyFans page, promising new content every day and even taking requests. We’re guessing those scrubs of his won’t be collecting dust anytime soon – perhaps other things, but not dust. 

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