Words: Ben Pulsford

We’ll be honest, we always feel that little extra pressure on a Thursday to deliver you something a tad bit extra. After all, it’s #ThirstyThursday and we’re Cocktails & Cocktalk.

Luckily, model Denzell Theodore enjoys taking his clothes off a lot and we thoroughly enjoy sourcing photos of him doing that. A lot. 

Before you start furiously wanking over this glistening god, here’s a little info about darling Denzell. 

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The 30-year-old commercial print model and actor from Indiana now lives in Brooklyn, New York and is signed to both Stage Management and boutique Chicago-based agency, 10 MGMT. 

If this piece of man candy were an actual sweet, he’d be nothing short of a gobstopper, considering everything other than his hair and eyeballs is rock-solid muscle. 

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