Manscaping has always been a hot topic amongst men; are we supposed to leave it all hairy and untamed, like “men”? Have a completely bald eagle? Or somewhere in-between?

Ultimately, it comes down to each person and their own preference. Unless, you’re a guy that opts for the ‘pilot’, then you should not be allowed to make your own public styling decisions.

‘The Brazilian’ on females commonly refers to a ‘landing strip’ style that covers the front of the vagina, but it seems that a number of men opt for it too.

One recent example includes this contestant on Naked Attraction: Italia:

Noand I cannot stress this enoughMA’AM!

QUIZ: Left or Right? [Naked Attraction Edition]

The diagram below details the various different pubic styles for men and their names. Honestly, most of these would make me recoil if I saw these in real life (personally, I go for a low Uptown).

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Why do men think this looks good? Colour me baffled.

The other one on this list which looks terrible is the Half Moon. Although, I don’t think men do this on purpose; rather get carried away while trimming the base. But it ends up looking like your pubes are scared of your dick.

And let’s not when this contestant presented the Grand Slam. Just no. Sorry, but no.

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