Another crazy Karen has gone viral over an ignorant tirade. This time, in a dollar store in Floria (unsurprised).

The clearly unhinged woman was caught on camera letting rip at a bunch of young boys in a Dollar Tree.

In the video it’s unclear why Karen is losing her shit, although according to the witness – who filmed the incident and spoke with the boys – Karen bought one of them snacks as he had “no money”. And then launched into a homophobic tirade.

She can be heard yelling, “Are you queer? What are you? You like it up the asshole?”

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Exposing this hateful Karen and hopefully she gets the kind of attention she deserves. Jacksonville Florida. #karenbusters #karensoftiktok

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“She was clearly under the influence of something, not sure what, but something”, details original poster GBABY/@Raysofsunshine.

In the video, the GBABY who was with her girlfriend as the time – quite rightly – asks, “Are you ok?” Before quizzing the woman on if she’s in a fit state to drive.