On this week’s episode of Cocktails & Confessions, where listeners can confess their sins (in hope of snagging a free C&C membership), we heard about a revenge jizzing.

“I was supposed to be hooking up with someone one night. While getting myself ready, my “date” showed up and instead of letting him in, he told him he was my husband and sent him away,” the hosts were told.

“When I hadn’t heard from him, and thought he wasn’t coming, I messaged him and he let me know what my brother-in-law had said. And that he wasn’t coming back even if it wasn’t true.

“Being upset, I fronted him about it and he denied it. So that night, while jacking off, right before I was going to cum, I noticed he’d left his shoes out. So I shot my load into his shoe. The next morning he asked me about it and I just denied it, just like he denied sending my bottom away.”

As part of the segment, hosts Anthony Gilét and Dani St. James, along with guest MUA and influencer Gary Thomson, decided if he was forgiven.

Listen to the full episode to see what they decided here: