We have a lot less to look forward to at the moment, and so we have to seek pleasures in the simpler things. When you’re home alone all day though, a lot of that does tend to be done naked…


It’s always great to kick off the day with some yoga; keep you grounded, balanced, and toned.


Ahhh, the only thing better than fingering a good novel is fingering the lad down the street. But seeing as he’s quarantining, we’ll make do.


If we had a penny for every Amazon order that came to our door… well, we’d have about 100th of what we’d already spent. But is retail therapy so bad? We’ll have a lot more outfits to show off once locky-d is over.


There’s nothing like crashing out at 3pm after doing the bare minimum all day. Talking of bare…


We can barely keep our mouths empty throughout quarantine; unfortunately it’s more from actual pizza than any other kind of meat feast.


Get your joystick in hand! There’s clearly something about gaming that gets the gaymers horny… who knew GTA was that exciting?


I mean, we wouldn’t exactly have a hard-on catching up with our aunty, but who says phone calls are reserved for relatives?

Pervy Chris Damned Gives Himself a Cum Mustache - TheSword.com


The best way to kill time naked is obviously masturbation. Something we all seem to be doing way more of. People who worked from home before are already familiar with the chafing struggles.

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