56 Dean Street, London’s most popular sexual health clinic located in the heart of Soho, have found that many men are still needing regular screenings despite the lockdown rules on the city.

They surveyed 841 HIV-negative men (who had signed up for online HIV prevention services), and they found that three-quarters of them had hooked-up during the first lockdown due to loneliness and boredom. And presume horniness… as most boredom can be cured with a games console.

However, the same amount also reported to a decrease in their number of partners than before lockdown.

While around 20% partook in chemsex.

Other findings include:

21% limited their sexual contact to just one other. (We presume that means overall, and not per incident).
76% had sex outside of their households. (And so the rest had sex with… their flatmates?)
And 28% had sex with those in their local area.

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The reasons for doing so, looked like this:

27% were stressed
29% were bored
50% were lonely

While clearly some people fell into more than one of those categories. Meanwhile, most people (73%) discussed covid transmission risk beforehand (“shall we put our masks on?”) and many reported feeling guilty and shame afterwards.