We’ve had a crush on Peter Vack ever since we saw his tight, smooth body in Slash and his awkward gay threesome in last year’s social distance. As sexy as his past roles have been, nothing prepared us for this.

And when we tell you that PVT Chat is unhinged, we mean that it is us un-fother-mucking-hinged. Peter Vack actually bookends the entire movie with two masturbation scenes. PVT Chat opens with a brief look at Peter’s hard cock as he masturbates to Scarlett, his cam girl obsession and dominitrix. Ten minutes in, we see Peter cleaning his cum off the floor, and at the very end of the movie, well…

At the very end of PVT Chat, Peter joins his mistress on the bed for a mutual masturbation scene. We see his rock hard cock throughout the one and a half minute shot. The handsome kinkster doesn’t hold back expressing his sexual obsession with Scarlet – even allowing her to flick the ashes of her cigarette into his mouth.

You can rent PVT Chat on Google Play for $3.99 or you can see all the unedited nudity right here. Cigarettes, cocks and everything else included.