Aled – who started his OnlyFans back in May of 2020 – is repping the guys with “normal” bodies.

Both he and his boyfriend Mr Britain X have accounts, but he insists there’s no competition. “I think we can appeal to different groups of guys with us having different body shapes and builds. So we encourage each other to do it; one person’s success is both our success.”

Talking more of their different body types and the expectations of a performer, Aled tells us, “I think originally the perception was you had to be gym-fit, toned, etc, but I have seen it slowly change. I started mine as a way to show you didn’t need to have that body type to be able to be a bit sexy and I have seen a fair few others with similar bodies doing the same.”

And it is a common perception to men that they won’t succeed at online sex work, but body admiration and sex appeal are two separate entities.

“Ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and anything can be sexy to someone, but for me being sexy is confidence, humour and just being real.”

We definitely think it’s a turn on when guys don’t take themselves too seriously and can be grounded through their ego which builds from recording themselves all day.

Aled adds that being so naked can actually be beneficial:

“I definitely think it can help people boost their body confidence, don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can take a hit too. But for the most part, it can make you feel better about yourself. Up until about a year ago, barely anyone had seen me without a top on, now everyone has seen me fully naked, and the compliments I get are great. “

See him in action with his boyfriend Mr Britain X here

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