Owner of the G-A-Y brand Jeremy Joseph has said that the chain is in “serious trouble” while British nightlife remains closed during a third lockdown.

Joseph said, “So far this has cost us £1.1m in bills and insurance. The accounts are dying now and we’re in serious trouble.”

He explained, “When we went into the first lockdown, we used savings to get through it. In the second lockdown, we made a little bit of money to help us get through.

“Now I’m literally looking at what changes can we make. If I could sell one of the venues’ leases now, I would. But who is going to start a club now? And if I turn around to a landlord and say we’re leaving, they can still go after the money.”

Love or hate the venues, it really would be a shame to see any queer space close because of, well, government f**k-ups. G-A-Y is also renowned for providing an affordable space for queer people to drink, especially students, and no doubt a great number of people who will be struggling after lockdown (and in desperate need of a blackout).

Although Boris Johnson has announced the hopeful rollout of the vaccine beyond those that are vulnerable, the question for Joseph’s venue and a number of other queer spaces remains: will it be too late?