As part of a new segment on Cocktails & Confessions, we ask our listeners (via our stories on @cocktailscocktalk) to confess their sins to us. We then discuss the scenarios, and decide whether we “forgive” them.

Regardless of whether they are forgiven or not, if we feature your confession on the show, you win three months free membership!

In our latest episode one listener admits:

“I was brought up in foster care, but I’m actually half Italian. Last year the Italian side of the family hired a private investigator to find the other half. They then created Whatsapp group for everyone, where we arranged to meet up in Italy.

“I decided to head out a few days early and live my Eat, Pray, Love fantasy. I began chatting to this guy on Grindr, who was heading to the cinema alone and asked me to join him.

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“He kept grabbing my dick throughout the film, so I was like, ‘I’m definitely doing bits tonight’. After we left he fucked me real good. In the morning he rushed off for a family thing he had to do, which was cool with me.

“At my family reunion, I’m talking to my aunty and she brings over her son to introduce me. Low and behold, it’s my cousin who came inside me. I felt in-part disgusted, but also still had fanny flutter. He was acting very queit, but kept getting me drinks and cigarettes.

“Later we went out for a smoke, and a walk in the woods. Which resulted in him face-fucking me”.

Tune in to find out if we “forgave” this listener!

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