While Graham Norton judges the second season of Drag Race UK, one of his former flames is busy competing for the crown on season 13 of the US version.

news that seasoned-queen Tina Burner (real name Kristian Seeberonce) dated the presenter is being re-earthed, and apparently he broke Graham’s heart.

In his 2014 memoir, Graham describes meeting a “tall and broad-shouldered” Kristian “with an easy smile that took up half his face”.

Graham Norton Says He Was Left 'Heartbroken' After Whirlwind Romance With  RuPaul's Drag Race Star Tina Burner Ended | HuffPost UK

The two later embarked upon a ‘whirlwind romance’ but he adds that if Kristian “were to be judged solely on his behaviour, then I concede he was not great boyfriend material”. 

He added: “What [my friends] couldn’t see was the special spark that fires within him: when he decides to shine his light on you, it makes you feel as special as he is.”

They dated for several months, before breaking up, and then getting back together. The second-leg of their relationship saw Kristian move in with Graham; which he described as “a disaster.”

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“I realise that even to a perfect stranger the outcome would have been glaringly obvious, but when you are in the middle of something and you are desperate for it to work, you’ll try anything.”

Eventually Kristian broke off the relationship.

“The madness was over,” Graham wrote. “But this time with no shouting or histrionics, just some slow, heavy tears shed over lunch in an empty restaurant. 

“I walked home, finding some comfort in the fact that a man in his mid-forties could still feel such heartache.”