The Pussycat Dolls are finally set to make their comeback, two years after originally planned, and they’ve already got new songs lined up.

After reportedly impressing labels with the success of React, they’re close to signing a new management deal. Apparently, Maverick (who boast Madonna and Britney as talent) are interested along with other brands.

Well, there is most certainly demand for them. (And we’ve still got our Brighton Pride tickets from last year, which would’ve seen the girl group reform on stage).

A source said: ‘This new team is great news for them and they’ve got a handful of songs which they are plotting to release when they can all safely get together again.

‘With half of the group in the UK and half in the US, it is tricky, but they are determined to release some singles in 2021.’

Their tour was postponed twice last year due to coronavirus. And if their performance on X Factor was anything to go by, it was gonna be a SHOW!