Today is Eddie Redmayne’s birthday. You may recognise the British actor from The Danish Girl, Jupiter Ascending and the Fantastic Beasts series.

Or if you’re already a fan, we’re sure you’ve got this clip of him shaking his ass from the Jimmy Fallen show etched into your mind. (Where it lives rent-free).

Just a funny gif of Eddie Redmayne - Album on Imgur

And if the trousers are killing, don’t worry, we got you…

my new plaid pants: Good Morning, World

Fun fact about Eddie is that before acting he did some modelling, (not that awful but revealing underwear stuff like Alan Ritchardson). Oh no, he was wearing Burberry alongside Cara Delevinge.

And while models like River Viiperi and Pietro Boselli love to flaunt their bodies online, you won’t find Redmayne thirst-trapping on social media, as he saves his nudity for his art.

And clearly, it is art, as Eddie has racked up a number of accolades throughout his career. (Although, none specifically for his tucking skills).

He also stands for trans rights; despite labelling the online backlash JK Rowling has received as “disgusting”, he voiced that her views are equally as such.