In what is quite possibly the best story of the year, a TikTok video going viral tells the tale of a homophobic dad that ended up a gay orgies.

Why is it always the devout bigots that loved getting raw-dogged by 8 men on crystal meth?

The video, from user @zephryn, has been viewed over 10 million times and details how his father kicked him and his sister out for being LGBTQ, leaving them to sleep on the streets.

As the story continues, the father later gave his laptop to his great grandson, (Zephryn’s nephew) with his craigslist and email logged in.

What they found was their old bigot of a dad was actually prostituting himself on Craigslist, along with years of receipts outing his affairs with other men.

The lad was also approached on Grindr to join an orgy (you know the messages… “group fun here”) with his father’s photos being sent to him as one of the participants.

Wouldn’t you just DIE?!

Well, the cherry on top of this black pudding?

“My sisters and I putting all the evidence in Christmas stockings for the whole family on Christmas morning 2017,” reads the last video caption.

How festive!