You may remember a few years back when the term “bro-jobs” went viral, as an indicative of men who identify as straight but partake in sexual favours with other men.

It stirred a debate about where we draw the lines of what constitutes sexuality. Can two men still have sex and retain their “straight” identity? Seems like they’re taking all the benefits and none of the stigma if you ask us…

Now, TikTokers are using the slang #homiesexual by posting gay-bait material which suggests they will lock lips with one another, or actual footage of them fake doing it.

You can get an idea of the content here:

However, Eric Boyraz, head of influencer management at Yoke Network, says that they’re not doing for the gays… they’re doing it for the girls.

“Straight guys have always been attracted to girls being flirtatious with each other,” Boyraz explains to the New York Times. “Girls are just taking the same idea and switching it around.”

Although, is that just a thinly-veiled excuse for co-opting queer lifestyles to make a financial killing?

In fact, the very reason so many gay guys were bullied at school, beaten and shunned by their families is now being utilised to grow social followings. The only difference is, that the young boys cashing in on the fame and fortune haven’t had to endure that kind of trauma.

Privilege at its finest.

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