While it’s mostly just Russian vodka on our breakfast bar, we’d happily have one of these models bent over it.

But for now we’ll have to settle for sprawled against the wall.

Seva Galkin is a filmmaker and photographer, and according to The Advocate: “is interested in the issues of identity, sexuality and masculinity in post-independence Russia”.


His latest project is a 2021 calendar which focuses on the above through the naked, muscular physiques of his subjects… hard job but someone’s gotta do it.

He’s also a known director, primarily for his most recent film The Fans (2020) which explores the crisis of masculinity caused by ‘Russian Section 28,’ banning positive representations of LGBTQ+ people among minors.

The film was nominated at the Oslo Film Festival 2020 for best cinematography. (Congrats!)

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And, actually, before you go, lets have a look at some of the other works of art masquerading as thirst traps.