The year 2020 was the one we realised the importance of board games. As families worldwide got banned to their homes, the sales of board games and video games soared.

Let’s be honest, we’d much rather beat our flatmates at monopoly than actually talk to them.

One game that we could’ve done with then – but we’re glad we have now – is Gayture… the gay culture game. I mean, there was nothing about Cher so we’re not really sure what it’s really got to do with our culture, but hell is it fun! (If your friends aren’t sensitive Sally’s that is).

It’s a simple premise whereby players take turns to draw cards with scenarios/questions and all players must assign each card to one of the other players which it most resonates with.

For example: who is the bareback queen of the group? Or, who will wear slutty shorts in winter because they love attention?

There’s also drinking involved. Win!

Perfect for breaking out at your next dinner party… or orgy. (Actually forget that, you don’t want the cards all stuck together).

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