Just as there are a number of terms for the penis, there are becoming an increasing number of ones for the butt too.

Most notably, recent years saw the introduction of the word “bussy” (a combination of the words boy and pussy), which has since exploded on social media. (Note: If your bussy actually explodes, see a professional).

“Would you actually call it your bussy or pussy?” host Anthony Gilét asks on this week’s Cocktails & Confessions podcast.

“Bussy’ makes me howl,” responds co-host James Egan. “Because it’s like a made-up word… well it is”.

Other terms we’ve heard but dare never not actually say in the bedroom include “man-cunt”, “hoop”, “back-bum” and “boy-gash”.

What do you call yours? Tell us in the comments below!

The pair, along with host and comedian Charlie Valentine, then laughed at how doctors must view sexual organs from a medical standpoint; referring to part as the ‘anal canal’.

Listen to the full episode, which also sees the hosts discuss their STI scares, how Charlie got dumped by his half-boyfriend and what – if anything – is too serious to joke about: