Russia is known predominantly for… uh, it’s homophobia. (However, that’s speaking as somebody who has never been there before and reads everything about it on western media). So we had to laugh when two penises appeared in the sky above the country… thanks to two cheeky pilots.

Low-cost Russian airline Pobeda’s flight from Vnukovo to Koltsovo (11 November) can be seen flying as normal at first, but later turns back on itself to draw the phallic-shaped fumes in the sky.

Air Live suggests it was the pilots way of standing in solidarity with footballer Artem Dzyuba, after a video of him jerking off was leaked online and he was dropped from the squad.

“This was probably the way in which Pobeda captains expressed their support to Russian team captain Artem Dzyuba and showed their attitude to him being bullied,” said a Pobeda spokesman.

Mayyyybe… or maybe it was their way of mocking their homophobic president. (We prefer that angle).