Over the Halloween period, we saw a number of scary sex fiends popping up on OnlyFans and social media. And it turns out the cosplay is popular with superheroes too.

Guess it makes sense… who doesn’t want to be saved from a burning building and then stuffed like a dead fox?

So we rounded up some of the filthiest content from what it might look like if world’s heroes ventured into adult entertainment…


Deadpool is known for being a bisexual hero, so his page would consist of both male and female partners. A truly versatile power. We’d probably enjoy all the content but fast-forward to the parts where he’s taking it like the fate of the world depends on it.


Spiderman has been done a number of times by online exhibitionists and we’re certain they can all shoot a web by the end of it too.

And if they’re anything to judge by, we’d expect to see a lot of sex acrobatics on his page, along with bottoming for Superman and even embracing his dad bod once he gets over 30.


Superman’s the kinda guy that would always be the top… until someone even bigger came along… then he’d quickly transform into a bottom (without even using a phone box).

Thor… (Or one of the guys from 300?)

We thought this was Thor polishing his hammer at first, but upon closer inspection, we can see it’s one of the gladiator’s from 300. In which case, you know this lad’s page would be full of Roman orgies and solo sword stroking.


Batman will do anything to get his subs up, including power-topping and flesh-jacking his arch-nemesis. You probably wouldn’t even need to tip him to get a look inside the bat cave.

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