Joe Biden has continued to overtake Donald Trump in a race to presidential victory.

News outlets across the world have projected that Biden has won Pennsylvania pushing him over the 270 college vote threshold and into the White House office.

Trump has made it clear that he’ll take the loss like a mature adult child; kicking and screaming. Trump has accused the left of election fraud but the non-existent evidence is yet to present itself.

The news is all but confirmed after the unofficial results from the states who have finished counting. So far, Biden had the most votes in election history with over 73 million; 4 million more than Trump.

The 2020 election was one of undeniable tension, in the midst of a global pandemic, widespread civil unrest following the first – and only – term of one of America’s most controversial presidents.

Biden will now have three months to assemble a cabinet and determine his policy priorities, while in the meantime, Trump contest a number of state results and demands a recount.

The official confirmation of President will take place at inauguration ceremony on 20th January 2021.