Do you have an uncle who thinks liking bananas makes a man gay? Or just any other fragile ‘heterosexual’ man concerned with phallic foods? There is now a privacy screen for straight men to eat their hot dogs in peace!

We’re not sure we could cope with this being a serious invention from a stra*ght guy, but alas, it’s just Matt Benedetto (an out gay man) mocking their toxic masculinity.

The Glizzy Gripper is one of many of the Unnecessary Inventions on his Twitter account, captioned: “for people who don’t like to be watched while they eat their wieners”

And as we all know, straight men have been eating their hotdogs at sporting events for decades, all with the stigma of looking gay.

But in a further blow for the cis white heterosexual males, the Glizzy Gripper is not actually available for purchase as Matt makes most of his inventions on a 3-D printer, with no intention of marketing.

Twitter – thankfully – responded: