A recent interview with G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph regarding his lawsuit against the 10pm curfew, one of his employees stole the focus.

Harry Mulvany was clearly in his own music video while his boss was frying bigger fish, but it’s also a total personification of every one of us who’s a bit of a daydreamer.

Mulvany told us that while he can’t quite remember the track, he believes it was Physical by Dua Lipa.

Meanwhile, Joseph explained that his venues had gone from breaking even (with the previous lockdown restrictions/guidelines), but with the new curfew, all of his venues are losing money.

Joseph owns four venues, G-A-Y Bar, G-A-Y Late, Heaven in Charring Cross, and G-A-Y in Manchester.

“If we’re COVID-safe why are being asked to make everyone leave the venue at 10pm, and forcing them onto the streets with crowds of people and then onto public transport with more crowds? It doesn’t make sense”.

“It’s all very well saying [venues that serve alcohol have higher chances of spreading COVID-19], but where’s the proof?” Joseph added.