We’re not sure why one would choose to play sports without a sports kit, but we’re also not the ones to complain when others do.

So we’ve rounded up some fun activities to unleash your inner exhibitionist.

QUIZ: Guess the Sportsman by Their Package [NSFW]


We’re partial to playing some ball on the court, but there’s a different kind of hoop we’d rather score in…

American Football

This one is a touchdown! Is that right? ‘Touchdown?” We’re down to touch anything if he’s one of the players…

Table Tennis

There are some sports in which your nakedness can be impactful to the game… this guy uses his own schlong instead of a bat – although we feel he wouldn’t be able to do that on a normal-sized court.

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“I didn’t hit these puts, but I won’t miss your hole baby” promises porn star Jason Luv. And what a club he’s working with…


We guess the name of the depends which country you’re in, but playing snooker naked only presents more sockets for the opponents to rest their cue. Definitely more fun this way.


We’re actually not surprised that archers would wander round in the buff… we’ve all heard the rumours about Robin Hood cruising in Sherwood Forest.


If 2020 is really starting to grind your gears, you could always take your frustrations out on a punching bag. Although this inked fighter looks more aroused than annoyed… Either way there’s no doubt he’d give your ring a beating.

Wood Chopping

If you’re looking for an activity that is productive and a good workout, there’s chopping wood. Just be careful you don’t put an axe through your own trunk.

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