It’s not your everyday question, but it is one we can bond over in shared embarrassment.

But that was just one of the many questions on this week’s Cocktails & Confessions podcast, “Me And My Penis”. The episode was themed after the channel 4 documentary with the same name which saw men candidly talk about the relationship with their own penis. (And a plethora of throbbing hard-ons).

Host Anthony Gilét confessed one scene in particular in Ali G In Da House where Ali G gets a hand-job from a blind man, got him off. While James Egan ‘fessed up to everything from Scar in the Lion King to Joey from Friends.

As always, we asked our Insta-audience to weigh in! And y’all didn’t disappoint.

Some answers were more common than others; like [our] best friend’s dad and the male anatomy in the encyclopedia. Others, well…