Labor Day weekend also happens to be the same weekend as Atlanta Black Pride, and the state decided to go ahead with their LGBT+ celebrations despite the country still having the most cases of COVID-19.

Unsurprisingly, people were not impressed at the huge crowds that ended up gathering.

Peach Party, in particular, fell subject to criticism, despite encouraging party-goers to follow social distancing guidelines and that wearing a mask would be mandatory, it seems that was not the case, with images showing hoards of maskless queens cramped onto deckings.

Awkwardly, The Heretik was already dragged for fuelling an outbreak of coronavirus earlier this year.

Reportedly, only one of the major queer events took place outside and the other six were in nightclubs.

But it wasn’t just the white circuit party gays in Atlanta that were making headlines this weekend, as a number of videos released on social media also show fights breaking out at other gay events…

Many of the commentators on Twitter mentioned how Atlanta Pride has a rap for fighting each year.

Maybe y’all should try going vegan cause this much beef isn’t cute.