Three trans women survived an attack on them this weekend in Hollywood, where they were hit, had a scooter hurled at them, and their belongings stolen. 

Eden the Doll and her friends Jaslene White Rose and Joslyn Flawless were embroiled in a confrontation while they waited for an Uber and a man robbed Eden’s phone.

The attackers quickly outnumbered the three women after hurling rocks at them.

Meanwhile, there’s video footage of the entire incident because the transphobes recorded it and posted it to their own Instagram pages.

Steve – the name of the handyman recording his friend’s vile abuse – continued to laugh as the confrontation got progressively heated.

The attacker then hits Joslyn and steals her bag, knocking Joslyn – who recently had hip surgery – to the floor. While another throws a scooter at Jaslene.

He mocked the girls shouting, “You remember that movie White Chicks?”

They then bribe Eden to buy her own phone back, to which she obliged – both out of fear, and wanting her photos and videos back – giving him all she had.

The primary attacker then knocks Jaslene unconscious, lying in the gutter while people walk past… but don’t help. One black woman even asks “Where’s the blood?” when Joslyn confronts her about not stopping for another black woman.

In the meantime, Joslyn has her shoes stolen while being threatened with a crowbar.

Eventually the ambulance arrives and while Eden escaped without any physical harm, both Joslyn and Jaslene were hurt, but are recovering.

Somebody compiled all of Eden’s stories into a YouTube. *Trigger warning*

StevoFilmz – the one recording – has a 20k followers on Instagram, and a YouTube channel, both of which have been taken down at the moment. The bio in his account states “Paramount/Compton” so we can assume that’s where he lives.