For years, men have competed to be as fashionable at the beach as women can, although Brokini wants to change that… with an asymmetrical all-in-one.

Chad Sasko and Taylor Field launched the swimwear, concepting it as “a bikini for men” (hence that innovative brand name). Although, if this was a bikini, the female wearer would have an entire tit flopping about.

Speaking about their new creation, they said:

“We started going to bachelor parties and wearing crazy bathing suits, and then we actually saw a wrestling leotard online and thought, ‘Hey, that could maybe be a bathing suit.’”

Ok… But wrestling outfits have TWO straps?! Our issue isn’t with men having a bikini, but why does it only have one strap?

What could have been an interesting, and even fashion-forward reinvention of the vintage male swimsuit, or at the very least a statement piece for the more creative circuit queen at Winter Festival, is instead, a little… lop-sided.

And it’s really a difficult kind of tan-line to explain when you open your shirt at the family BBQ.

If anything this is reminiscent of the strong man’s outfit at the circus – who wore a one-strap on occasion.

The funniest thing is that the product is marketed toward straight men, but the creators insist it isn’t a novelty item or a joke… so perhaps they shouldn’t have used big Borat-style moustaches and party shop wigs for their marketing approach…