When we first heard that Miss Minogue was venturing into the world of boozy beverages, we were slightly disheartened. 

Not because we don’t love drinking our feelings and Spinning Around our bedroom, but because we were worried that a side-hussle might obstruct more music from Kylie, (*ahem* Rihanna…)

However, with Kylie having just dropped Say Something, we can rest assured that’s not the case. In fact, the real case here is the one of rosé we’ll be drinking every Friday after work.

Last night, we tried out Kylie’s debut Côtes de Provence rosé (’cause you know we’d never recommend something without drinking three bottles of it first), and we have to say… it’s delicious.

Not that we expected anything less, but rosé can be a tricky one to get right; tip-toeing a line between pungently sweet and bitter aftertaste. In fact, the keyword in Minogue’s description of the wine… “silky”. It goes down almost too easy.

“The 2019 vintage emanates alluring, expressive aromas of pink grapefruit, watermelon and lemon blossom. A crisp, dry and beautifully textured palate with zesty fruits leads to a long, silky mineral finish.”

I actually stopped drinking rosé because I realised it was giving me titties, but at this rate I’ll be a double-D next summer. There are also Savignon Blanc and Merlots available. Cheers!

Grab a bottle of Kylie’s vintage rosé here