Corona Corey, the guest at the huge gay party on Fire Island over 4th July weekend who had previously tested positive for COVID-19, but went anyway, says he’s sorry. Sort of.

Unsurprisingly, Corey Hannon, rambles on 7-minutes to explain his decision to inject a ton of other people with a potentially deadly virus. Titled, “My apology and my story”, we can’t help but clock the egotism of it all.

Honestly, it makes sense that these people have an ego complex because they see themselves as above the rules, and categorize their fun as more important than health and safety. See what a few likes on social media do to people!

Here’s my apology, comments, and my story. Because I failed to mention dates of my COVID timeline here they are: June 22- begin feeling ill June 30- tested for the first time July 3- left my apartment for the first time July 4- went to fire island (12 days after my first symptom)*STILL WAITING ON TEST RESULTS AND HAVE NOT TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID TO THIS DAY*Have a good night.

Posted by Corey Hannon on Sunday, 5 July 2020

From Boy Culture: “His defensive comments are filled with inconsistencies and do absolutely nothing to make him seem a better person — he was waiting for test results and still went out to get a spray tan and then on to Fire Island.

He keeps saying he made a mistake, but then he whines about cancel culture and invasion of his privacy after posting social media comments advertising his mistakes, and tries to get sympathy by saying he could always kill himself. Just a mess.”

Very that. 

And how many times do we have to remind you? You have to be first ON before you can get cancelled.