We all know there are a ton of problems that manifest in the workplace when you don’t have a touch of queer in the office. 

Not only do the Xmas party decorations look tacky AF, but you also end up manufacturing entire vehicles with the same name as a the worn hole of a f**gy Los Angeles scene queen. 


That’s exactly the position Electric Brands have found themselves in after their new electric camper van was mindlessly branded, the eBussy. 

Just to clarify, in case you don’t live on Instagram like the rest of us, a ‘bussy’ is gay slang for a butthole, (derived from the words ‘boy’ and ‘pussy’).

Then again, perhaps we’re wrong, perhaps it was the plucky gay intern who pitched the new design’s name, knowing full-well that every cis hetero in the office would be none the wiser. 

Actually we prefer that version, let’s go with that. 

Autocar describes the German export as “versatile”… but we’ve heard that lie before. 

 That’s probably because it can transform “into 10 different bodystyles, including pick-up, cabriolet and campervan designs”.

Well, you know them bussy-boys love an outfit change. Here some of our fave tweets about the saga: