On this week’s Cocktails and Confessions, we had a good ol’-fashioned bitchfest, and we had so much fun that it definitely won’t be the last. During the wake of accusations that Glee actress Lea Michele threatened to “shit” in co-star Samira Ware’s wig, we asked our readers who were the worst celebrity they ever met.

Gilét divulged his awkward encounter with a rude Eva Longoria, claiming that after asking profusely apologizing for bothering her and if he could have a picture, she gave nothing but silent attitude.

James was elbowed in the face by Mutya Buena – but she actually bought him a drink afterwards to apologise so we still love her.

Other followers suggested Trixie Mattel just didn’t turn up for a meet and greet, William Roache (who plays Ken Barlow on Coronation Street) has a huge ego, and that Lily Allen blew smoke in their face.

Late replies (which we didn’t get time to read out on air) include Katie Price stepping on their foot at an airport and Bob Geldolf treat his staff appallingly.

We’re dying to hear more of your stories… fill us in below and we’ll be sure to keep you anon!

*If you’ve got piping hot tea to spill, email me and I’ll put them on blast: [email protected]