Straight have so many wild opinions about what constitutes being gay; a list which includes reading too many books, recycling, their girlfriends wearing their boxers, eating dessert and now, apparently, sleeping with women.

One has tweeted that having lots of sex with women can be the sign of an “undercover gay”, and we had no idea that y’all could go full circle like that. Does that also mean when gays leave the gangbang with cum in their hair that they’re a secret heterosexual?

It read: “Any man who has an obscene amount of sex with a high number [of] women consistently over years is a potential undercover gay man. Being a nympho/deviant is the gateway to homosexuality.

“It’s why a lot of these rappers are gay. Eventually, you get so tired of pussy you begin to ‘explore’.”

Welcome to Suckadick Valley, my name is Anthony and I’ll be your tour guide!

“Sex is demonic when it’s in excess. There’s a reason why almost every ‘pretty’ celebrity dude has a bunch of gay rumours clouding around him. It’s not rocket science. And you’re in denial if you disagree.”

Girrrl. Ultimately, countless people jumped in to express their confusion, however we like this lady’s response the best: