Considering at least three people who attended Miami’s Winter Festival died, you’d think that the circuit gays would be a little warier.

But the circuit gays of NYC have defied social distancing advice to hold a sweaty house party. That will 98% end in a gangbang. That is, unless taking G is considered essential work?

But hey, what else are you to do on a Monday night when you’ve got no work the next day and the government are paying you $1200 a week to stay indoors?

Instead of dancing underneath a giant disco ball, it’s a photo of the coronavirus on a flatscreen, meanwhile, hospitals are overrun with people on ventilators, in quarantine, or dead.

What’s perhaps an even more intriguing question is why they felt like it was a good idea to post it on social media and tag people at the party?



The DJ attempted to defend his actions with a post on social media, writing “Just to clear things up, I was asked to DJ a small house party. I have been taking all precautions to sociall distance, wear a mask and hand-wash very seriously to stop the spread”.

Unfortunately, DJ Alec Brian was swallowed by his own lies as the videos clearly depict him not socially distancing or wearing his mask.

He continued, “As many of us are now unemployed, I had an opportunity to avail myself of some needed money to pay my bills,” but what about the part where you wanted to attend, as he’s clearly overlooking that he could’ve just sent them a pre-mixed track.