Thank God for history books, because it about 10 years time we’ll need them to illustrate how people used to deal with their problems in private, as opposed to press record and upload every drama/prank/emotion they experience.

In this one, a bunch friends are playing “put a finger down if…” which is basically Never Have I Ever, and is clearly not going viral any time soon – well, until one girl exposes her GBF for getting his cheeks clapped by her man.

“Put a finger down if one of your best friends slept with your boyfriend and the rest of your friends didn’t tell you about it for over six months,” she drops like an atomic bomb on the group.

“Who the fuck told her?” asks the gay, trying to suss out the snake of the group as he pulls the knife out of his friends back. Chaos ensues.

He can then be heard screaming at her, “It’s not my fault that your boyfriend likes me more than you. And it’s not my fault your boyfriend is GAY!”

OK Gretchen, but it is your fault you betrayed a friend. Nah, I’m sorry that’s just shameful to LGBTQs. I know the boy is young and the closet-case is as tasty as that forbidden fruit, but shit like this could make her really insecure later in life: just apologize for what you did and stop trying to gaslight the poor girl.

Some people on Twitter have accused the whole scene of being scripted, but we are not buying it: the secretly recorded footage post-exposé is enough to tell you that… unless they’re film and media students.